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Be Fresh Every Day

SmoothieJet 2 has a slightly higher volume than the original version. The new version of the SmoothieJet 2 – 500 ml is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that lasts 18-20 mixing cycles. It mixes ice, fruits, vegetables, frozen fruits, popular smoothies, baby food, mixed drinks and protein drinks. This USB smoothie blender will accompany you at work, fitness, school, car, on trips, during sports or even a romantic walk. SmoothieJet 2 – 500 ml is an ideal gift for children and adults.

Why SmoothieJet 2 - 500 ml ?

Portable blender SmoothieJet 2 - 500 ml prepares up to 20 drinks on a single charge

You don’t have to worry about charging the SmoothieJet 2 after each use. The blender is equipped with a high-quality lithium-ion battery with a capacity of up to 4,000 mAh, which can withstand up to 20 fresh drinks per charge. Charging is done with a USB cable, just like you would charge your mobile phone. USB cable included. You can very easily connect the cable to a standard electrical outlet, computer, car or power bank. Thanks to this, you can take the portable blender really anywhere.

Blender SmoothieJet 2 is made of the highest quality materials

For the production of the SmoothieJet 2 – 500 ml battery mixer, first-class materials have been used, which ensure a long product life. The materials meet the strictest standards of the European Union, so they are ideal for the whole family.

Easy and fast maintenance of the blender SmoothieJet 2

Easy maintenance and cleaning are the basis of every product. The SmoothieJet 2 – 500 ml portable blender is no exception. You can prepare your favorite drinks or smoothies in 30 seconds, the next cleaning will take the same time. Simply pour water with a drop of detergent into the blender and lower it.

Safe use of the blender SmoothieJet 2

For your safety, magnetic tapes will ensure that the blender does not start until the bowl is in the correct position.

What clients say about SmoothieJet 2

The blender works great :) I can only recommend it
It fits in my purse, a great travel aid
Beautiful color, mixed everything so far, just top
I still have it with me when I go to the gym :) the protein with a banana mixes great after training
An integral thing on the road with my baby. Thank you
I ordered 2 mixers from you about a year ago and they still work the same :) the battery will last a very long time.


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